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Not a Hetalia blog, but more than welcomed to RP with!


Explore the banks of the Chattahoochee River on these five hikes near Atlanta. 

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Based on this post.


Based on this post.

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bb states pt.1was doing more but sharknado distracted me oops


bb states pt.1
was doing more but sharknado distracted me oops

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You may not have heard this, but Omari Hardwick is an Alpha…
And we’re linking you to yet another Brother Omari Hardwick story.  This one is from…


You may not have heard this, but Omari Hardwick is an Alpha…

And we’re linking you to yet another Brother Omari Hardwick story.  This one is from…

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((Just as promised, I drew a thing. 

Inspired by this song. a.k.a. Laura and Chey’s new favorite thing. Featuring a role reversal of the traditional gender tropes of country music. 

This was way too much fun. But I should have posted it sometime when you’re all not distracted by Sharknado… lol))

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What state does Mun live in, if you don't mind me asking

((I live in California currently, though I keep the blogs on eastern time zone.

Someday I will move back to the East Coast, hopefully because there’s a job for me out there. *stares off*))

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Colonial Park Cemetery

Savannah, GA

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((Oh dang. Thanks for the reminder that I am still months behind on drawings of my own two losers for the Sexy Uniform Meme! But yessss more history memes please!))


THE SAME GOES FOR ANYONE ELSE WHO PARTICIPATED AND I FORGOT TO REBLOG YOURS. I’mma try checking the art tags again this week because I think may have accidentally skimmed over on the dashboard, gomen. ;w;))

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((holy shit now I really wanna draw and work on my comics and do a bunch of other neat art stuff. And if it wasn’t 11 over here and I have work again tomorrow I totally would. 8U

Hasta luego, muchachos~ I think I wanna try setting up another draw event later, similar to the Sexy Uniforms one we did where we draw historical fashion, only this time it will be fashion/time period driven. Less specific, more freedom to get creative with canon outfits (and looks).

More info coming soon!))

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((SIRIPLS ;________;))

((But forreal though, I’m super crazy impressed at how well done those characters are. Like for me, it’s one thing to be able to draw different characters, but also being able to do so in a way that makes them so distinct and unique from one another? I know you’re probably still in that experimental stage as we all are, but I say this - this Latinx states series is a great demonstration of a breakthrough in your style, Pattio.

For that, I tip my hat off to you. \o/ ))

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